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12 Easy Steps To Lose Your Weight



Forget the weight-loss shakes, fat-gram counting, food combining or prepackaged diet meals.  Losing weight can be as simple as eating breakfast.  Here's a list of 12 tried-and -true painless tricks to help you drop a few pounds and feel healthier, with hardly a hint of effort.

Add two servings.  Include two fruits or vegetables at every meal or snack.  It's as easy as having a salad and an apple with your tuna sandwich or adding two steamed vegetables at dinner.

Eat breakfast.  People who eat breakfast are less  likely  to overeat later in the day.  A healthful breakfast  can be as simple as juice, fruit, and cereal with milk.

Snack every four hours.  Pack your bag or desk drawer with a ready supply of oranges, apples, or other quick and healthful fill-ups.

Divide your plate.  Make sure you get all your nutrients with every meal: such as vegetables, grains, beans and fruit, and extra-lean meat or low fat dairy products.

Allow for favourites.  If you love a cookie in the afternoon, or have a craving for Kuew Tiaw Kerang, then drop something else in the day.

Drink water.  It can curb your appetite and prevent late-night cravings.  Keep bottled water in the refrigerator and drink one glass every one or two hours throughout the day.

Eat slowly.  It takes up to 20 minutes for signals from the stomach to reach the brain.  To prevent stuffing yourself,  put the fork down between bites, focus more on conversation, take small bites, and wait 15 minutes before taking seconds.

Eat consciously.  Don't nibble while reading your books, taste while cooking or eat from the serving bowl.

Brush your teeth.  This can stop grazing by cutting the taste of food in your mouth and signaling your body that you're done eating.

Add beans.  Healthy salads and soups are more satisfying and will help curb hunger pangs longer if you add handful of beans.

Sweeten with spice.  Use sweet-tasting spice like cinnamon and vanilla instead of sugar in desserts.  They add flavors, not calories.

Go spicy.  Overeating can be an underlying search for flavor.  Add chilies to your sandwiches.  Try hot cuisine such as Thai, Chinese or Indian.


Compiled By: Suzi Haslinda Hasmuri


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