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A Message To Muslim


A Message To Muslims

A few years back when I was in the  matriculation centre I came into contact with a new Muslim convert. He told me that in the beginning of our conversation, that he was facing some problems in understanding Islam and  Muslims.  Whatever he said about Islam and Muslims in general, I just assumed that it was a common problem and dilemma for the new Muslims.

I think the chief underlying factor for these problems that prevail among Muslims converts is their lack of understanding of Islam in the case of the new converted Muslim. When they walk around they will see there are many things which are contradicting to the moral things that done by Muslims and sometimes they see the good things are done by the Muslims. This situation actually leads them into confusion.

Converting to Islam has always been equated to becoming a Malay, which is a stereotype and a negative thinking that always in the minds of non-Muslims and new converted Muslim in Malaysia. Generally they feel that they cannot practice their own culture although their culture does not contradict  the syariah of Islam.

They also sometimes think that Islam does not have an attractive economic values. They think that if they are Muslim it will cause unstability in the socio-economy in the eyes of their group. This negative attitude  can also be seen in many Malay Muslim in this country who cannot develop themselves in the education and economy.

This factor is evident in the attitude of non-Muslim parents of  in which they are linean towards their children to convert to another religion but not Islam. This is because Islam has been considered  weak, and low esteemed especially after associating it with the Malays.

I think that above mentioned reasons lack substance because Islam is a religion of  “fitrah” that is suitable for all generations. The problems  seen by the observer are actually done by the man because man can be doing right and wrong. The religion of Islam remains the religion.

The propagation of Islam is undoubtedly a very important agenda for every Muslim and it must be continued. A question now arises; which should be given more emphasis, whether propagation to the non-Muslims or educating Muslims who still do not understand the teaching of Islam? I would give my answer that both are inter-related and should be done at once. We will go nowhere if we just concentrate on one. In this era of Islamic awareness, we must move dynamically and not waste our time. As As-Syahid Imam Hassan Al-Banna advised us "our responsibilities are more than the time we have". Lastly, may Allah bless us with his guidance and strengthen our faith so that we will always be in the right path.



Mohd Amir Ismail (Section 1)

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