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What Does Your Car Says About You




You know your clothes and your body language send others all kinds of messages about you.  But  do you know that your car also says a lot about you?


“It’s true,” says Baltimore consumer psychologist Patricia Jenkins, Ph.D. ”Numerous studies have shown that everything from your own car’s color and size to its age and bumper stickers speaks volumes about your character.”


Read on to discover what your car is telling the world about you.


What your car’s color reveals

Of course, if you bought a used car or one right off the lot, colour may have been non-negotiable.  But whether you’re driving a car in the colour of your choice or just wish you were, here’s what the colour says about you, according to a recent survey of car owners conducted by Britain’s Royal Auto Club:


RED: you’re very out-going, energetic and a go-getter who likes attention.


BLACK:you’re ambitious, sophisticated, self-sufficient and strong-willed.


GREEN: you’re kind and nurturing  peacemaker.  Of all drivers, you are the least likely to lose your temper at others on the road.


BLUE: you’re calm, secure, loyal and people-oriented.  You’re also among the happiest driver on the road. 


Other colour experts add that if your car is:


WHITE: you’re a very private person—perhaps on the shy side—and you tend to be somewhat of a loner.


TAN:  you’re reliable, dependable and with good money.


GRAY: you’re intelligent, practical and well-grounded.


MAROON: you’re emotional, sensual and fun-loving.


YELLOW: you’re unpredictable, rebellious, dare to be different and a mischievous who feel you deserve the attention you get.


What your bumper sticker says about you

If your bumper  bears those familiar sticker like West, Sparco ,etc it shows that you don’t have enough the confident in yourself.  You need the help of others (those stickers) to make you feel comfortable on the road.


What your knicknacks reveal

I can’t help but wondering why some people hang  7 dwarfs in their car.  Some people tend to grow flowers in their car.  Whatever you do, it shows your personality. 



What men and women want most from their cars


Research shows this is what women and men consider most important in a car, says Baltimore consumer psychologist Patricia Jenkins, Ph.D:








6.Good Price





3.Good price






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